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Selena Gomez Had Her Fair Share Of Messy Breakup’s And Relationships! Here is everything you need to know about her love life.

Singing sensation Selena Gomez has always been quite vocal about her personal life, not to forget some of her relationships have been the center of media speculation for a long time!

Selena Gomez Had Quite A Dramatic Love Life Over The Years!

While the singer has been linked with some of her contemporary artists as well, her long-term relationship with Justin Bieber was quite a dramatic one. Their on-off relationship has seen too many twists and turns before parting ways for good! The young singer has been linked with celebs including  Charlie Puth, Nick Jonas and Orlando Bloom as well. However, the authenticity of these linkups  were never really checked any further and they all soon frizzled out.

The Ice- Cream hitmaker was also involved with The Weekend for a short period of time, the relationship was a short-lived one. Recently, Selena Gomez has confessed that almost all her exes thought she is crazy!

The Singer Is Busy With Her Makeup Line And Cooking Show!

Now the singer is single and keeping herself busy with some great back to back releases along with her recent collaboration with popular K- Pop band Blackpink. The singer has also launched her own make-up brand Rare. The singer has been vocal about her last relationships and how some of them a have subjected her to emotional abuse as well. While her past relationship with ex Justin Bieber has been a whirlwind journey with loads of post breakup drama as well.

The singer is single for now and not dating anyone at present with devoting her time on her ongoing projects and her makeup line that is already creating quite a buzz amongst makeup fanatics.

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