Selena Gomez Is Asking Fans To Not Read Too Much Into The Lyrics Of Her Newest Release! But why? Check out the answer here.

Credit: Instagram | @selenagomez

Popstar Selena Gomez is no stranger to complicated relationships and easy breakups. The Disney star has released some new back to back songs and let’s just say the lyrics might be a bit too personal!

Selena Gomez Opens Up About The Lyrics Of Her Latest Release, Ice-Cream.

Recently, Selena Gomez released her song titled Ice- Cream, where she has teamed up with popular K-pop band Black Pink. Fans are loving the catchy song and not to forget the lyrics are way too sweet! Here’s a little sneak peek into the song that is already creating quite a buzz amongst music fanatics.


When asked about the lyrics of the song, Selena Gonez replied that she gates it when people read too much into the lines. However, she also went on to say that the lyrics are a little scandalous. Well, we sure are loving the bittersweet lines, and sometimes too much sweetness can sure be injurious! If history is any indication, Selena Gomez’s songs are not always that direct and sometimes carry some personal information as well! So, the lyrics might be a bit too scandalous than usual!

The Singer Is Busy With Her Makeup Line And Cooking Show!

Moreover, Selena Gonez has a lot going on for her this year, with her own cooking show Selena+ Chef receiving a positive response from fans, the young star has also launched her own makeup brand Rare and is busy with its promotion! Here’s a little sneak peek into her make up line.


Selena Gomez is also producing various films along with releasing her own tracks, the young star is surely keeping her hands full with all these exciting projects and many more to come!