Sebastian Stan reveals the ‘Strange’ experience about his nipple Piercing!

The Story Behind Sebastian Stan’s Experience

The Pam and Tommy is a Biographical Mini series in which our Winter soldier Sebastian Stan plays the role of Tommy. In addition to it, the Pam role is played by Lily James. For the Tommy Lee role, Stan has to appear with nipple piercings. When asked about the Piercings in the Fan Q&A he replied that to adjust the piercing, he has to go through the strange feeling of a 45-year-old man applying things in that area at 4 in the morning.

Sebastian Stan and Lily James
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The actress Pamela Anderson and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s life incidents are being released as a series. The Story is about the marriage of Lee and Pamela. Where the Unauthorised Sex tape of the couple is released.

This Series features the Untold story behind the tape. They tied the knot in 1995 which is less than a week after they met. A private tape was made during their honeymoon. The tape was stolen and was leaked online. The couple will take this matter to court for the unauthorized leak of video.

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Transforming into Lee and Pam

Both Sebastian Stan and Lily James went through tremendous changes for the roles. Stan has to insert prosthetic nipples (Yes, they weren’t real!), and to look like him he has to have a body with tattoos. As for Pam, Lily has to put on Chest Plate, Wig, tan, and makeup on her for hours. These two stars made this possible through pure dedication. Stan and James used to shout on pillows to make their voice sound raspy.

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This series is produced by ‘Point Grey Pictures’, ‘Annapurna Television’ and ‘Lionsgate Television’. And created for Hulu by Robert Seigel. It comprises eight episodes in which three episodes were aired on Hulu. The remaining episodes will greet us weekly. It started Premiering on Feb 2, 2022.