Schitt’s Creek Final Season is Here and is already One of the Chart Toppers

Fans simply can’t get enough of the Rose family! The extremely popular comedy-drama series Schitt’s Creek is back at it again and his ruling the charts once again.

Comedy Drama Series Schitt’s Creek Is Ruling The Ratings And View Numbers!

The Rose family is back at it again and has managed to lead for a second straight week while topping  Nielsen’s rankings of streaming titles. The sixth and final season recently made its way on Netflix and is already on the topic list of most-watched shows. It seems like the official social media page of the series is already in a celebratory mood. Have a look at this!

The series has been receiving a sensational response from fans right from its debut and this year the cast member had a clean sheet at the Emmys as well creating history. The series is finally here with their final season, while this goodbye is not going to be an easy one for fans, we simply cannot get enough of the Creek and all its residents.

The Popular Comedy Drama Series Is All Set With It’s Sixth And Final Season!

The series ran for as many as six seasons and now the Rose family is about to receive big news that can be life-altering for every member. What is going to happen in this final chapter of the rib-tickling series?

Well, don’t miss lit on the final season with the cast members finally drawing the curtains. While it’s a shame that a seventh season is on the cards, we cannot bid goodbye to the family as of yet!  However, we cannot miss the final sixth season of Schitt’s Creek  for sure.

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