Rose McGowan Has Accused Alexander Payne Of Sexual Misconduct When She Was 15! Check out what he exposed about him.

The sensational MeToo November has been gaining huge momentum worldwide, with several known faces coming upfront and opening up about experiences of sexual assault and misconduct. Another big name has come up recently and the allegations are pretty severe.

Rose McGowan Posts A Twitter Post Recalling Her Horrific Experience With Regards To The MeToo Movement!

Rose McGowan has made allegations of sexual misconduct on director Alexander Payne. The director has denied any of the allegations and the actress has taken a vow to expose him and prove him guilty. Here’s the powerful Twitter post that has been creating a huge controversy ever since it was posted.

The actress has charged Payne with an allegation of sexual misconduct when she was 15. Rose McGowan has penned down the whole incident on a Twitter post saying that how he sat her down and played a softcore porn movie that he apparently directed for Showtime!

Alexander Payne Has Denied All The Allegations Made On Him By The Actress.

Payne has finally broken his silence about the severe allegation saying that while he respects Rose and admires her activism, the allegations that she had made on him are simply untrue, said Payne. Take a look at this Twitter post where the actress is demanding an apology.

Payne went on to further explain that he has not even met the actress when she was 15, also denying any allegations of directing anything using some other name other than his own. He stated that they went on a couple of dates and remained friend ever since. With this new denial resurfacing, there’s a lot of blame game going on with Payne saying the accusations to be completely untrue.