Disney + Is Making Sure You Have Enough Content To Binge -Watch This September! Here are our favourites.

September is here and so are brand new releases exclusively on the newly launched streaming platform, Disney+. Some of these upcoming releases are creating quite a buzz and we have a complete list of shows and films that you just cannot miss.


Here’s The Complete List Of What To Binge Watch On Disney + This September!

Secret Society of Second Born Royals: While the firstborn if the royal family is expected to take over the power and responsibilities ahead, it seems like the second-born has an even more challenging role of saving the whole world! This film will be releasing on 25th September exclusively on Disney +. Here’s the trailer of this upcoming Disney + movie about this secret society that aims to fight crimes.


Other than these new releases, don’t forget to watch all the upcoming movies including Christopher Robin, The Wolverine, Strange Magic, Never Been Kissed, Trick or Treat, and other iconic movies of all time. Also, don’t forget to watch, Disney original Chef Chocolatier as well. These films are all about love, magic and laughter that is perfect for family binge watch during this quarantine. These films are a absolute treat to the eyes.

Don’t Forget To Watch The Much Awaited Live Action Movie Nutan On Disney +

Milan: The story of a brave taking on a journey of self- discovery and an unknown road full of challenges is one of the highly anticipated movies under the Disney banner. After much speculation, the live-action movie will finally arrive on Disney+. Don’t forget to experience the on Disney+. We have the official trailer of Mulan right here, let the untold story of a warrior overcoming all obstacles come to live on Disney+.