Roronoa Zoro: read to know everything you want to know about this anime character along with latest updates.

The Straw Hat Pirate’s very first mate, Roronoa Zoro wishes to become the most powerful swordsman of the Ocean Peace World. Roronoa is on the position of vice captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. There is a lot more about his character that is still unknown to us.

His role came into the show from the second episode. He is portrayed as strong, scary and serious. And there’s much more to know about his character. Here’s a deep analysis of his character, so keep reading to know everything about him.

His background

Roronoa Zoro joined a dojo while he was just a child. That was the place where he learned swordsmanship and became a pro in it. He was able to defeat everyone. However, there was one person who he lost to and that was Kuina. She was the daughter of the Dojo Master.

Kuina and Zoro dreamt of becoming the best swordsman in the world. However, Kuina lost her life in an accident. That was the time when Roronoa Zoro got ambitious about his goals. While he was in the early stage of his dream, he also became a very strong pirate hunter.

His personality

Zoro’s character seemed too confusing in the earlier episodes of East Blue. But after he had a fight with Dracule Mihawk his intentions get clear to the audience. Hawk Eyes Mihawk, who was the world’s strongest swordsman acknowledged him and that made us know about his character.

His abilities

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He had one of the most unique sword style, Santoryu which is known as three swords style. Moreover, he was also a skilled Kenbunshoku Haki(Observation Haki) and the Busoshoku Baki(Armament Haki). And he had monstrous strength even when he didn’t had his sword.