“Riverdale” Universe is expanding with “Katy Keene”, The fashion Guru Is already creating the buzz… Waiting for the Musical Dramedy?

If we dig deep into the memory lane, we will remember a character named “Katy Keene” a model, actress, and singer, an Archie Comic character was created by Bill Woggon in 1945. She was revived in 1985 and finally was reintroduced as a high school student and aspiring model in 2005. First the ‘Riverdale’ in 2017, then came ‘ Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ and now comes ‘Katy Keene’ to unlock more doors to the Archie verse.

Fans are thrilled and delighted seeing the Katy Keene trailer. But the likely news of Riverdale/ Katy Keene crossover has been making rounds since the spin-off has been announced. Fans need not worry!! The next comic is set in motion to make its TV debut, but full details are still not out yet, though hints have been dropped as what to expect from the new show by the executive producer Michael Grassi. According to the creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, the series will be full of surprises as few characters of Riverdale will be seen but in a new Avatar.

Katy Keene will take place several years after Riverdale; viewers would eagerly wait to see their favorite characters and couples together even in the future. The plot tells the struggle of four enthusiastic artists trying to make it on Broadway, on the runway, and in the recording studio.

The first trailer of Katy Keene features Katy, her friends, Pepper and Jorge. It does give glimpses of her life in NYC, a new location, and what she desires in her life. The musical side will be loaded with energy along with lots of unusual and cool stuff. After all its all about our fashionista Katy. How can she go unattended without generating a cacophony?

The cast includes Lucy Hale, Ashley Murray, Camille Hyde, Johnny Beauchamp, Julia Chen, Lucien Laviscount, Zane Holtz and Katherine Lanasa.

Fans want to see the new show as soon as possible, but Katy Keene won’t air until the next year 2020. Why get disheartened? Time flies quickly, and with Riverdale’s upcoming Season Four, time will pass swiftly. Worth await!