Popular Super Scientific Anime “Dr.Stone” Becoming Bigger and Better with Six New Cast Members!! Deeds inside!

Science, action, mystery, fun, sense of humor all are compiled in Dr. Stone anime the Japanese animation adaptation. It is one of the most popular animation series of the year.

The anime is an attempt to create a new society on intellectual approaches rather than physical goals. The creators have done the best work in engagingly showcasing the plot for the viewers. Dr. Stone aka Senku Ishigami is attempting to create an all-new civilization, as some mysterious phenomenon has caged humanity in a stone prison. He also tries to recreate the lost technology through science.

The anime was brought to life from the Manga franchise, which originally premiered in Weekly Shonen Jump, created by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrations provided by Boichi and Shueisha back in the year 2017.

Dr. Stone was debuted on July 5. The main characters of anime are Senku, Tsukasa, Taiju Oki. They depict the scientific history and adventures of their story from the stone age to the present day.

Creator Crunchyroll released a documentary via his Twitter account, an attempt to make the audience understand the hard work of creative minds in making a successful and popular series like Dr. Stone. Season One comprised of 24 episodes.

Shueisha Weekly Shonen Leap introduced six extra members yesterday for the Dr. Stone TV anime sequence. Dr. Stone, as it is comprised of great background art, innovative music, detailed work on character and story.

The added cast will bring more to the story, and it will surely keep the fans’ interest alive. Viz Media has licensed the series for an English language release. Anime lovers are hoping to see more of the series via online channels.