Ridley Scott and Federico Álvarez to Collaborate for ‘Alien’ on Hulu

The New ‘Alien’ Film

Filmmaker Federico Álvarez is working on a new “Alien” film along with Ridley Scott, the director of the original ‘Alien’ 1979. Scott will produce the movie under his Scott Free banner. The film will stream on the streaming platform, Hulu. Apart from directing, Alvarez will also write the script for this project.

The original sci-fi horror film follows a crew of the commercial space tug Nostromo. The crew comes across an alien, who attaches itself with a crew member sending them in a coma. The group must figure something out now. This film was a huge commercial success. And since then there has been multiple sequels as well as prequels to the story.

Ridley Scott and Federico Álvarez to Collaborate for a New 'Alien' Film For Hulu
Twitter/Federico Álvarez

The ‘Alien’ Franchise

20th Century Fox worked on three more movies from this franchise over the next eighteen years after the success of of Scott’s. Each film had a different director. So, Scott will come back to the franchise again this time. Though any information is hidden, some sources say that this upcoming film will not be connected to the previous ones. division president Steve Asbell said that the Fede’s pitch was great and the film will feature some new characters.

Ridley Scott and Federico Álvarez to Collaborate for a New 'Alien' Film For Hulu
Twitter/ Federico Álvarez

Alvarez’s Forte

Uruguayan filmmaker, Alvarez is most famous for directing movies in the horror genre. For example, “Evil Dead”, “The Girl in the Spider’s Weband” and “Don’t Breathe”. He recently also produced and co- wrote the remake of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre” on Netflix.

His upcoming project ‘Alien’ will certainly bring a lot of nostalgia for the fans of the franchise. Apparently, Alvarez is a huge fan of the franchise. He pitched an idea to Scott years ago. And in 2021, Scott called him to go ahead with the story. And him being a fan, agreed to do so.