Camila Cabello Reveals the Reason Behind her Split with Shawn Mendes

Camila Cabello Opens Up About her Relationship With Mendes

Singer- songwriter Camila Cabello opened up about her break up with Shawn Mendes. The two have been one of the most liked couple in the music industry. However, they split up back in January.

Cabello recently sat down with Apple Music on Thursday, March 3 to speak about a variety of things. One of those being her relationship. She said that as she grew up, her priorities changed. And it was the same way for Mendes as well. The two musicians started really young in the industry, and are still learning a lot, she added.

Camilla Cabello Recently Spoke About Her and Shawn Mendes's Relationship
Instagram/ Camilla Cabello

Their love story

The couple collaborated back in 2015, for their track “I Know What You Did Last Summer”. And since then fans shipped the two. However it was not until four years later, in 2019 that their relationship was confirmed. Cabello and Mendes were deeply in love. They were relationship goals for a long long time. And even now, Camila seems to have nothing but love for him. She also said in the interview that, she, now has a lot of experiences and wants to focus on being a “well- rounded person”.

Camilla Cabello Recently Spoke About Her and Shawn Mendes's Relationship
Instagram/ Camila Cabello

The sad split

They announced the news of their break up with the fans via an Instagram post. The post said that they will continue to be best friends, moving forward. They also thanked their fans for the unwavering love and support. The Havana singer shared that her focus shifted throughout her life.

On March 4, the singer dropped a song titled “Bam Bam”. Talking about that song, she said that she wanted to express how things change in life. She tried to show cycles of “love an life” through that song. No matter what happens Mendes and Cabello will always be relationship goals for everyone. As their love for each other entails their romantic relationship.