RHOA’s Cynthia Bailey supports daughter Noelle Robinson, 20 for publicly admitting being ‘sexually fluid’!

The Dark Power actress, Cynthia Bailey is seen to support her daughter Noelle Robinson after she publically spoke about her being sexually fluid.

The 20-year-old Noelle Robinson spoke to her mother about this in an episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The episode came out on Sunday. It was a very emotional conversation between the mother and daughter.

After this confession came out by Noelle, mother Cynthia was seen standing with her. In the PeopleTV’s reality check, Bailey opened up about how she has always supported Noelle. She as a parent thinks it is important to make her daughter feel that she can share anything with her mom.

On Thursday’s episode, she spoke that she herself never spoke about sex with her own mother. She had to figure it out all alone. That is why she had made sure that her daughter does not have to go through the same.

She said that Noelle feels comfortable to talk about anything with her. And everyone can see that in the episode of Housewives of Atlanta. The 52-year-old supermodel continued that she realized her daughter’s situation in the college. And that’s when she felt a need that Noelle should share her part of the story herself.

The story that’s actually true and that comes directly from her. The model feels proud of her daughter’s courage to be able to open herself in front of everyone. Noelle’s story on RHOA is great because no one else can justify her part of the story.

Also, no one should tell it on behalf of her. Noelle is the daughter of Bailey and actor Leon Robinson. Cynthia added that in today’s generation if someone else comes up with the story, it is believed that they were hiding it.

The supermodel wanted her daughter to share it before any pictures or videos comes out. And it is great that after she revealed the truth, many of her friends and close ones came forward in support of her.