Reese Witherspoon hilariously embarrasses her son Deacon, 16, by attempting to create a TikTok dance video to his first single, ‘Long Run’

Proud mom Reese Witherspoon wants to celebrate her son releasing his debut song

Reese Witherspoon showed that she was her son Deacon Philippe’s biggest fan by saying they should celebrate him for releasing his first song: by doing a TikTok dance challenge!

The actress posted a video on her official Instagram account on Saturday, where we see her with her son who was playing the song in his phone, and Witherspoon starts dancing. Then she said that she knows the perfect way to take this to the next level.

Which parent isn’t embarrassing?

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She started joking that they should do a TikTok dance to the video where he facepalms and says, “Mom, no.”

Deacon released his debut single on Friday, which also featured Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt. Both Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe, her ex-husband and Deacon’s dad commented on the post to congratulate him on his first song. “New song of the summer!”,wrote Witherspoon, and then added, “It’s the perfect summer bop with a sick beat and dope drops (is that what the kids say 🤗?!)”. Close, but no cigar.

Meanwhile Ryan commented, “Stream it nonstop for me. So proud of you.”

It looks like the 16-year-old isn’t kicking the bucket after just one track. We can expect more over the summer.

In Nesbitt’s Instagram account, she shared a video on July 1st where she teased the song that they will be releasing with just three exclamation marks as the caption. In a piece of paper wrapped around her, was written in bold, “new song this month.”

Then, she turns around and in her back another piece of paper was taped which read, “Maybe 2?!” so we can expect more collabs from the duo.


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