Rebel Moon: Zack Snyder Reunites with Ray Fisher for the Sci-Fi Movie

‘Rebel Moon’: A Sci-Fi epic reuniting Zack Snyder with Ray Fisher and Jena Malone

It was confirmed earlier that Sofia Boutella will be a part of Rebel Moon. This news came out in March. However, no other cast member’s name came to light until recently. Confirmation about the reunion of Zack Snyder with Ray Fisher has recently surfaced, and other cast members have been revealed.

Zack Snyder

The revelation of the exceptional cast

The members of the team were revealed on Twitter. Charlie Hunnam and Djimon Honsou will be joining hands with Snyder. Furthermore, Ray Fisher of Justice League and Jena Malone of Sucker Punch are the main highlights of the newly added members.

A mini Justice League reunion

Many people are eagerly waiting for a Justice League sequel but it appears to be nowhere in sight. But there is good news for Justice League fans. There would be a mini-reunion of the Justice League in Rebel Moon! Moreover, Ray Fisher’s role in the movie has added to the effect. The filmmaker announced on Twitter that he felt honoured to welcome the incredible cast!

Ray Fisher
Instagram| Ray Fisher

Other members in the badass cast

The Rebel Moon’s Cast has other members in its cast including Doona Bae, E.Duffy, and Charlotte Maggi. Moreover, Sky Yang, Staz Nair, have also been recruited. The highly talented cast members will surely make heads turn. Snyder’s previous projects including Army of the Dead, Lost Vegas, and Planet of the dead is already a huge name in the industry. Therefore, we can anticipate that the new project is bound to be a complete entertainer!

Jena Malone
Instagram| Jena Malone

The fate of Rebel Moon

Rebel Moon was planned after Army of the Dead gained fame on Netflix. The sci-fi epic revolves around a galaxy where a monstrous entity called Belisarius resides. Moreover, in order to prevent the colonial threat, a young woman is appointed to bring warriors from neighbouring planets. I’m sure this journey is going to be a thrilling one!