Metal Lords: With the Release Date Undisclosed, Here’s Everything to Know about the Teen Drama

‘Metal Lords’: An engaging teen drama

Netflix followers religiously follow teen dramas. One such musical drama is “Metal Lords” which has been created by Game of Thrones creators. David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, the creators of Metal Lords made the movie quite early after signing the Netflix deal. Moreover, Metal Lords is produced by the firm Bighead Littlehead. Furthermore, Cinefondation Award winner Peter Sollett is set to direct. Here, we will focus on the story of the musical drama.

Metal Lords Cast
Instagram|Jaeden Martell

Outline of the Whole Story

The story is about two high school students who are determined to create a heavy metal band. A girl also accompanies them on their journey. Moreover, they plan to take part in a battle of bands. The high schoolers struggle to locate a bass player, that’s when the girl comes into the picture. Furthermore, the girl happens to be an extraordinary cellist. The plot shows that the kids need to resolve their differences to win the Band Battle.

Cast Members and their characters

The cast for the movie was expected to have Elish Henig, Isis Hainsworth, Oakes Fegley, and Isis Hainsworth as the lead. However, it is now confirmed that Adrian Greensmith, Jaeden Martell, and Isis Hainsworth will be playing the main roles. It was confirmed in February last year.

Metal Lords cast
Insatgarm| Isis Hainsworth

Three characters of the series are named Hunter, Kevin, and Emily. Hunter is an awkward guy with family problems, but his love for metal rings overpowers everything else. Then comes Kevin, who has a sweet disposition but is inexpressive. Moreover, Hunter becomes Kevin’s saviour and helps him discover his passion. Furthermore, Emily is an intelligent introvert who plays cello and makes a great bonding with Kevin. The anticipated movie will be released this year.