Really! Chris Rock will host the first live show on Netflix, making room for more live content

Chris Rock will serve as the first live show host for Netflix in 2023

Early in 2023, Netflix will broadcast a live comedy special presented by renowned comedian Chris Rock, which will symbolize a notable change in approach for Netflix.

Photograph by Martin Schoeller

Netflix Is Launching Live Streaming

The company has so far focused on creating a massive on-demand library of TV series and movies to keep customers engaged monthly, but this new announcement may signal that the company is seeking to add live content to its collection of shows as well. A Wall Street Journal article mentioned that Netflix was considering making live sports available for the very first time on its platform. Live sporting and musical performances are already available on competing platforms like Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.

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Netflix Announcement

Netflix unveiled the live show on its official Twitter account on Friday November 11, 2022, with Rock being the first one to carry that out. Chris Rock would be the first artist to perform live on Netflix, according to their claims.


The Vice President of Netflix, Robbie Praw, stated his delight to work with Chris Rock and noted that he is one of the most recognised and significant comedic voices of our time. He asserted that a live Chris Rock comedy show will be available to everyone around the globe and that this will be an unforgettable time in Netflix history.

In 2018, the comedian and Netflix worked together on the comedy special Tamborine.

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Chris Rock has been on his “Ego Death” global tour for the past few months. At a London performance, the comedian announced that he will talk about the Oscars slap incident on Netflix, saying that people expect him to talk about the nonsense, but he won’t be talking about it so easily and that he would eventually get to it on the streaming platform.

This will be Rock’s fifth stand-up special in total.