Ray Lewis and Cheryl Burke’s Withdrew from DWTS update: Lewis need surgery to treat the injury..

In the third week of the reality dance competition series, ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ the NFL legend Ray Lewis, announced that he was dropping out due to a foot injury. The 44 years old NFL legend will no more be able to continue the reality show.

While Ray Lewis was training with pro dancer Cheryl Burke for his cha-cha, Lewis re-injured his foot.

In a game in 2010, Lewis tore a tendon of his foot. And now, all of this dancing, all of this on his toes, he’s reliving a problem that he thought he’d never had to live again,” the NFL legend said in his video package. Lewis said he was having so much fun when it comes to the dancing part. But behind the scenes part, it’s been very painful. It has bothered him a lot.

Ray Lewis dealt with pain every practice; Lewis confessed and became emotional. “I pushed through anything. But when the doctor read the MRI to me today, I knew something was wrong.”

The doctor informed Lewis about the mishap that he tore three tendons. It will require surgery to treat the injury.

The doctor added if Ray Lewis keeps dancing on it, it’s going actually to rupture.

Following his doctor’s visit and the suggestion, Lewis heartbrokenly explained everything to Burke that he’s “got multiple tears in his leg.

“His next words were: ‘You gotta let it go. You cannot do this.’ Lewis has to leave the competition. The disappointed NFL legend Lewis said “This is probably one of the hardest decisions of my life. But right now, I gotta make sure that I don’t damage something enough to where I can’t walk.”

Lewis is happy to be a part of this dancing series journey. Before leaving, Lewis showcased his love by saying it was absolutely incredible. He’ll never forget this journey.

Replacing Lewis, a familiar face stepped in to dance the cha-cha with Burke: the NFL star and DWTS 24, Mirrorball Trophy Champion Rashad Jennings!