Punisher Season 3 expectation is high, but Netflix is not where we can fine it!! Checkout for release platform, release date, cast, plot and more..

The season-3 of Punisher will no longer be streaming on Netflix.

There is no official statement about the third season. Netflix won’t be streaming the show anymore. Netflix has also called off many shows like Dare Devil, Jessica Jones, Iron First, etc. which signifies the ending of defenders.


The Punisher has also joined the list, the earlier releases of all the shows are available on the platform. Showrunner Jeph Loeb released a letter to the fans, stating that they will not be stopping the show, even if the streaming platform will cancel the show.

The show’s second season was premiered in January, but it didn’t receive much applause from the audience. So the chances for Punisher Season-3 to appear on Netflix is very less. But there are chances that it may reappear on Disney + channel. Disney owns Marvel, and there are chances that many of the Marvel series may come back on Disney + and Punisher season -3 stands in the line too.


John Bernthal has done a terrific job in bringing life to Frank Castle, so he can be expected in Punisher season-3. Also, Amber Rose Revah and Jason R Moore may return in season-3.  Josh Stewart, Giorgia Whigham, and even Floriana Lima may reappear in the next season. Villians like Kingpin(Vincent D’Onofrio) also stand chances to be there in the next season. Just because Netflix has called off the show, it does not mean that the show is entirely canceled. According to Lightfoot, Marvel is interested in the show, which means there is a high probability for Punisher Season-3 to hit the screen soon. Let the dreams of Marvel fans may come true!