PUBG has Enabled a New Mode Called ‘Arctic Mode.’ Check Out All the Details Here.

Due to the lockdown, owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, we all are held up at our homes. If you’re looking to kill time by playing PUBG, here’s some good news for all PUBG lovers out there. We can now explore all the new modes launched in PUBG Mobile. On April 16th, a new mode called Arctic Mode was enabled.

In the latest update, the players also have to fight against extreme cold weather, along with their other old enemies. Players have to now resort to different methods to keep them from freezing to death. This includes gathering branches and starting fires to keep warm and protect themselves from freezing temperatures. Players can now also use new items or cook items to restore body heat.

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The latest update also adds a new AirDrop weapon by the name DBS Shotgun, which fires two rounds of 12-gauge ammo for extreme damage at close range. Other significant modifications are death replays, colorblind mode, enhanced teammate volume controls, and a return of the hype realistic Hardcore Mode.

PUBG now also has bots. These bots are the kind that help newbies (new players ) learn the game, unlike the kind that shoot you from across the map. Developers of PUBG Corp has added bots to the game in Update 7.1 some weeks ago. The studio explained the reason behind its decision and how it’s making bots work in a letter.

If you’re already an experienced PUBG player, the addition of bots may not affect you at all. PUBG Corp has assured that players who have some expertise in the game, with a higher matchmaking rank are unlikely to engage bots.

So, all you gamers out there, have another mode of entertainment to pass your time during the pandemic.