Final Fantasy VII Remake: The Action Role-Playing Kicked Off with a Bang – Review

Final fantasy 7 Remake that was released just recently, is undoubtedly one of the most popular games right now. It was a massive hit and now fans are anxious to know about all that’s  in store for them, as Final Fantasy 7 part 2 is set to release.

However, the good news is that fans need to wait just a little longer for the release they’ve been anxiously looking forward to.  It is reported that  the remake of  Final Fantasy 7 is in progress as of now. Back in November 2019, game director Tetsuya Nomura said that they’ve already begun working on the next one(next season).He also added that he is confident that playing through this title will increase the expectations of all fans.

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While there’s currently no information regarding when Square Enix is set to launch the next part to the Remake project, it’s evident that the groundwork for the next season has begun after the successful release of FF7 Remake. IGN confirmed news on the development by writing that the development team is planning the volume of content for the second part of the series. They also added that they anticipate the second version to be more efficient than the first one.

Fans can expect an early release as this time, the work for the next season has already begun. Unlike last time,  there will not be a five-year long gap before the release.

Square Enix is not new to making Final Fantasy entries which are numbered, into multi-part sagas. Several different development teams have come together and combined together, several years’ worth of interrelated stories . It is certain that the stakes are set high with the next release along with the fans’ sky-high expectations.