Protective Mama Megan Fox Opens Up on Motherhood and Protecting Her Beloved Children

Megan Fox On Motherhood and Protecting Her Children From Bullies

Megan Fox is known for her dazzling looks and brilliant performances on set, but when it comes to motherhood, the actress keeps things private and closely guarded. In a recent interview with Glamour UK, Fox opens up on how she protects her three children – Noah, Bodhi, and Journey – from bullies, paparazzi, and societal pressures. In this article, we’ll delve deep into her candid revelations and discuss how Fox juggles her busy schedule with family life.

Being A Mother is Never Easy

As any parent knows, motherhood is no walk in the park. It’s a full-time commitment that requires patience, love, and understanding. And in Fox’s case, it’s even more complicated as she balances her hectic schedule with raising three kids.

Private Person, Private Life

Fox is fiercely protective of her children, and she doesn’t share them with the public often. In fact, the actress rarely posts photos of her kids on social media to maintain their privacy and limit their exposure to the paparazzi.

Being A Terrific Mom

As a mother, her children’s well-being is the driving force behind everything she does. Fox admits that it’s challenging to be separated from them due to her busy schedule and shared custody agreement with ex-husband Brian Austin Green.

Work-Life Balance Woes

Fox’s travel-heavy work schedule makes it difficult for her to spend as much time as she’d like with her kids. However, she appreciates the moments when she can ‘live life as herself and not just someone’s mother.’

Vulnerability and Heartache

Vulnerable and honest, Fox sheds light on the emotional turmoil she experiences amid her obligations, especially when it comes to missing precious moments with her children.

Maintaining Their Innocence

Fox is determined to protect her children’s innocence by limiting their exposure to societal pressures and the internet. However, she feels their genetic connection profoundly and, at times, has difficulty being apart from them.

Teaching Her Children To Be True To Themselves

Fox’s oldest child, Noah, has shown an inclination towards wearing dresses and experimenting with gender expression. Addressing this, Fox says she has books on hand that focus on gender identity and how children can express themselves through clothing.

The Suffering of Parenting

The actress is vocal about the negative opinions and comments directed towards her due to her children’s choices. Fox tears up as she describes the pain of watching her child be bullied and feeling helpless to stop it.

A Rare Insight into Megan Fox’s Personal Life

Despite her fame, Fox is a private person and tends to shy away from discussing her personal life in interviews. However, the actress opens up to writer Emily Maddick throughout their conversation, sharing her struggles, triumphs, and the lessons she’s learned.

Motherhood without Guilt

Fox admits to feeling guilty at times for not being there more often for her children. However, she’s come to accept that being a working mother is challenging, and the guilt she feels is unreasonable.


Megan Fox is a testament to how celebrities struggle to balance their work and family life. Fiercely protective of her children, Fox aims to maintain their innocence and shield them from societal pressures. However, as a working mother, she is faced with many challenges. Her journey is an inspiration to mothers worldwide, and we salute her noble efforts.


Who are Megan Fox’s children?

Megan Fox shares three children with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Their names are Noah, Bodhi, and Journey, aged 9, 8, and 5, respectively.

Does Megan Fox share photos of her children on social media?

No. Megan Fox rarely shares photos of her children on social media to maintain their privacy and limit their exposure to the paparazzi.

What is Megan Fox’s parenting philosophy?

Megan Fox is fiercely protective of her children and tries to maintain their innocence by limiting their exposure to societal pressures and the internet. She also encourages them to express themselves freely.

What struggles does Megan Fox face as a working mother?

Megan Fox’s busy schedule makes it challenging for her to be with her children as much as she would like. She admits to feeling guilty at times for not being there more often and missing precious moments.

What is the lesson Megan Fox teaches us as a mother?

Megan Fox is a testament to how difficult it is for celebrities to balance their work and personal lives. Her journey shows that motherhood is difficult without having to factor in societal pressures and paparazzi glare. She aims to shield her children from these pressures while still being a loving and responsible mother.