Project Blue Book’s Jill Morrison talks about the show’s groundbreaking description of ’50s women and what attracted her to Faye. Read all about it and more.

It has been many years since Jill Morrison started working in the industry. Moreover, she is also an accomplished actress. Well, if you failed to recognize her. Let me help you out. She is one of the Mean Girls who played an ironic role of the “crying girl”. Get all the details about the news below.

She was also seen in The Twilight Zone, The Good Doctor and of course The Project Blue Book. Morrison talked about her ongoing work for the Project Blue Book recently. Along with this, she also teased the fans about her upcoming role in the other show. And the show is none other than the most popular ‘To All The Boys: P. S I still love you’.

There are many other famous series of the actress on its way. One of which is Freeform’s witch-based series, Motherland: Fort Salem in which she plays the role of Berryessa Tansey. She will be seen as the guide for girls. Moreover, she will also be an ear for them and nuture them in a strong way.

When asked about her role in The Motherland. She said that She will basically act as a support system for them and guide about how to live in this fierce world. Berryessa accumulates and nourishes their power. She even makes them inevitably win this war.

The next question she was asked was about her experience while working in the series with so many female characters. She said that she had an awesome experience. The cast and crew were really incredible. She even got to make some life long friends. And the best part was that the Director and Producer permitted a lot of versatility and creativity in the scenes.

The fans are so much eager for all her upcoming shows. We will be back with more updates  stay tuned for that.