Professional dancer, Kevin Clifton stood by Prince George!

English Professional dancer, Kevin Clifton stood by Prince George after he was mocked for his love for ballet. The co-host of ABC’s Good Morning America, Lara Spencer made fun of Prince George for his love for Ballet during pop news. She said that according to Prince Williams, Prince George left play-doh and started a spiritual study, computer programming, and ballet. As soon as ballet came up, she giggled as if making fun of him and also said that let us see till when can he continue.

Kevin Clifton’s say on the matter:

Kevin Clifton lashed out at Lara Spencer. Tweeting a clip of GMA segment, he wrote that he wishes he had done ballet in his school days. He also added in a series of tweets the benefits of dance and that children should be encouraged to do what they like.

Apart from Kevin Clifton, many big names mocked Lara for being sexist. Dancing legend Debbie Allen also posted a video on Twitter saying that there are great men who can dance and tells Lara that she owes an apology to the Royal Family. Professional dancers Derek Hough and Cheryl Burke also took a dig at the anchor. They also expressed their disappointment regarding the comment.

Lara Spencer’s response on this matter:

Among all the hate and disgrace coming her way, she took to Instagram to apologize for her comments. In an Instagram post, she wrote that she deeply apologizes for her comments made on pop news. She also said that as a kid, she wanted to do everything. She always has encouraged people to follow their passion.

Now, it will be interesting to see what will happen next in this controversial matter. We have not yet heard from Prince Williams. It will be interesting to see if he has a say in this matter.