Prodigal Son’ Review: Tom Payne and Michael Sheen Ham Up For Fox’s Serial Killer Thriller! Checkout what you need to know before watching the series.

People have this tendency to see what they are most afraid of and serial killing is one such subject so is a top-rated thriller Mindhunter, which somehow managed to avoid being a parody project and instead offered incisive character studies of its complicated heroes, and such is the case with Prodigal Son, Fox’s very newest crime procedural that has a delicious twist.

The first look of the trailer is quite intriguing, and our hero Malcolm Bright is well known as a son of serial killer Dr. Whitely. He is a brainy, frenetic serial killer profiler of New York. Being a son of most infamous murderers, Martin Whitely, aka The amazing Surgeon is like a blessing in disguise for him. From the trailer, we can also see that he doesn’t need a ghost to haunt him in his dreams, but his father’s dreams were good enough.

The show’s drama and tension come not from whether or not he’ll be caught but what is even more interesting is that it will cover the psychological aspect his son Tom Payne who consults NYPD and help to bring justice to killers. Because his father was a serial killer and his psychological understanding for the killer helped him solve the case. Whenever he was the kid, his encounter with her father’s crime was quite scary, and when his father was being taken to the jail, he said: “I will always love you because we are the same” which sounds so dramatical. Then again there was another case where someone else is copying the serial killer The amazing Surgeon, and he was helping NYPD to solve the murder mystery as he is the only one closest to the type of cases.

Even after 10 years, his demons were still alive, and he is not able to move on in his life. But at the same time, these sleepless night terrors are the one his character is made of, and only he can understand and solve these murder mysteries.