Planning to watch “Chernobyl” season 2? Know what the Creators have to say about that.

HBO still has to confirm the release of Chernobyl season 2. Though there are rumors that there is not going to be a season 2, fans are hoping that the series may be given another shot.

When the 5th episode of Chernobyl was released, it marked the final installment of the HBO miniseries. The HBO Original series was about the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant Explosion that took place in 1986. HBO has wrapped up this series last month and people who missed the show can catch the drama on NOW TV. On Tuesday, June 4th the finale of Chernobyl was aired on Sky Atlantic. In the 70-minute finale of Chernobyl people can see the truth about the explosion slowly coming out and they can also find out what exactly happened at Chernobyl.

Image: Daily Express

After the idea of Chernobyl season 2 has started expanding, creator Craig Mazin posted on the social media platform, Twitter, that there is not going to be a follow up for Chernobyl.

Craig Mazin took to twitter and told his 150,000 followers that the definitive answer to the question ‘Will there be a season of the Chernobyl?’ is ‘No’. It is obvious that there is not going be a second season of Chernobyl as the drama was imagined to be limited and close-ended series.

Ahead of the airing of the finale of Chernobyl, show creator Craig Mazin has cleared up the fuzz about the second season. Craig Mazin ended his line of emotional tweets by tweeting that everyone on the team is honored to present the final episode to the world and that Chernobyl is for the ones who sacrificed and suffered.

Chernobyl, which aired on HBO and Sky Atlantic has traced the devastating nuclear disaster from the very beginning to the end. The first episode of Chernobyl opened with the explosion and the later episodes showed the way Soviet Government reacted, the number of lives last and the final episode showed us how the Soviet Union has arranged an investigation and trial into the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Disaster.