Onward: Avengers Stars Return Together Once Again, but this Time to Provide Voiceovers. Tom Holland and Chris Pratt Join the Voice Cast for the Animation Flick.

Onward is a popular animated film from Pixar Animation Studios. The movie has Chris Pratt and Tom Holland as the voiceovers of two brothers on a quest.


Ian and Barley Lightfoot are two brothers who try to restore the top half of their father’s body.

The story revolves around two teenage elf brothers, named Ian and Barley Lightfoot. The two of them are seen trying their best to bring their father back for one whole day on Ian’s 16th birthday, by using magical powers.  A wizard’s staff is passed on by their mom, voiced by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, to cast a spell.

However, Ian could not hold the staff until the end of the spell. Hence they managed to bring only their father’s legs. This sets off a quest to restore his entire body. The quest sets them off on a journey filled with adventure where they encounter many mystical creatures like pixies and a monster that breathes fire.

The film has mushroom-shaped houses, dragons as house pets, and unicorns that behave like raccoons. On December 16th, Pixar released four new character posters, out of which it revealed only three new characters.


The trailer that launched on October 10th showed more details about the brothers’ journey to restore their father’s body.

Pixar also posted a video on Instagram of Pratt and Holland reacting to the new trailer. “I look so sweet!” Holland says about his character. “I love this so much,” he added later.

The movie boasts of having two of the most popular Avengers on board as the voiceovers for Ian and Barley. The Avengers are none other than Spider-Man and Guardians of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord, Tom Holland, and Chris Pratt, respectively. They come together to lend their voices for their characters in Onward.

Holland said that the best part about this job is that he gets to do it with his buddy, Chriss Prat.