Pirates of the Caribbean Star Kevin McNally wants Johnny Depp to Return as Captain Jack Sparrow

Mr. Gibbs wants his beloved captain back

We are aware of the messy legal battle Johnny Depp is having with his ex-wife Amber Heard. After the actress alleged that he physically harmed her, many news sources published articles on the matter and greatly tarnished the actor’s image, resulting in him getting fired from many projects, including the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Depp’s supporters

Gibbs and Jack Sparrow

Recently, Kevin McNally, who played Captain Jack Sparrow’s crew member Mr. Gibbs spoke out in support of Johnny Depp, and wants him to return to any new instalments in the franchise. After 2017’s Dead Man Tell no Tales, Disney announced a two reboots for the Pirates franchise, one of which stars Margot Robbie.

In the meantime, a few voice recordings confirmed that Amber Heard had dealt her own share of physical damage on the actor, with no proof of Depp committing anything. Disney, however, has not hired him back, fearing their family-friendly image. Due to that, Johnny Depp continues to be prevented from taking part on any of the future sequels. Fans grew even more agitated that despite Heard being found guilty of assaulting Depp, she wasn’t fired from the Aquaman sequel.

McNally went on to say that he had never seen a dark side in Johnny. He called him a humanitarian and beautiful human being. He sees no fault in the actor returning, and that there is a general feeling of there being no Pirates franchise without Jack.

New stories

Gibbs and Jack Sparrow

As Disney is taking the story in new directions, it is highly likely that the original characters can only have small cameos, so that they can connect the stories to the original. Even if Johnny Depp is rehired, he can only play smaller roles. But it is still hard to imagine a Pirates of the Caribbean without Captain Jack Sparrow.