Pirates of the Caribbean Series Left us Thrilled with the Action – Here is a List of Warriors that Left us Stunned with their Sword Skills

Pirates of the Caribbean, a movie series that has gained wide viewers and fans with minimal critics, due to its excellent storyline, has various characters that are skilled at sword-fighting, which is their main business to perform as well. The ranking of the top 10 characters that are the best at sword fighting has been ranked accordingly.

1. Jack Sparrow

The main character of the series. All five series have had this character as the best performer in the act of sword fighting. Although overconfident and boastful, the character is usually underestimated for his talent for the same. Taking advantage of this, the character always manages to win the hearts of the viewers.

2.Will Turner

The character with the eventual aim to uplift the curse on his father, due to which he sometimes goes with and sometimes against the main character, Sparrow and is able to defeat him sometimes.

3. James Norrington

The only weakness of this character is Elizabeth Swann. He became a member of Sparrow’s team after he was unable to capture the capture Captain Jack Sparrow in the series Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and was left alone ashore.

 4.Hector Barbossa

He joined the team headed by Sparrow to fight the East India Company and was able to defeat all his enemies. The character was able to survive through all the five series when he willingly gave his life to save his daughter.

5.Davy Jones

The goddess Calypso was the biggest mistake of his life. After falling in her love, he was made to kill many innocents and fight those who defended the good. The only place where he could be killed was his chest. He hid that in his body for a long time; after being discovered, he was stabbed to death.


The character introduced in series, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Edward Teach. He was famous for his tactics of placing lit matches in his beard during boarding parties, along with another mark of wearing bracers across his chest accompanied by six pistols.

He was known for his skills at psychological intimidation, learning and playing savvy battle tactics, and yet never letting himself be manipulated.

7. Armando Salazar

The only character who could come to close to killing the Captain while they escaped and get cursed. He had good tactics at capturing any ship that came ashore. Eventually, he was killed by Sparrow.

8. Angellica

A thief and mastered at pick-pocketing was the only female character that was as brave as the men characters in the franchise. She used to be an ex-lover of the Captain.

9. Elizabeth Swann

She was made the Pirate King of the Brethren Court in the third film in the movie franchise, known for fighting valiantly beside her pirate companions while Davy Jones and the Royal Navy attempted to destroy them wherever they could.

10.Henry Turner

Sad over his father being cursed, he played the role of an officer in the Royal Navy, he learned his way around firearms and sabers, all of which was done to rid his parents’ old compatriot, Captain Jack Sparrow. Henry is a skilled swordsman.