Peter and Hannah, It looks like they have something going on which definitely is not something others are loving!!

“The Bachelor” is the kind of show, love birds need to watch as this season it’s just getting better.

“The Bachelor” is the kind of show which turns this fantasy of people into reality. A show where you can indirectly control other person’s love life through votes and also being able to judge the character is the kind of business people love to spend their time in.

And this year teaser of “The Bachelor” is focusing on Peter Weber who is in love with Hannah Ann Sluss and their love life is something that their single fans might be somewhat jealous of them but it seems the couple are in a pinch.

It seems that Hannah Ann Sluss is becoming a trouble between the union of Peter Weber and Kelley Flanagan as the latter stop trying since “Week 5” as when the bachelor asked her about this then the female answered, “That Hannah Ann is becoming someone very close and I want to get married as I am mature enough for these things”.

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While the latter replied “It’s true that Hannah Ann is someone I am close to but that’s quite different for what I feel about you and I need some time to think” which seems to irk Peter and also in addition to the former, Kelly added, “I am serious about all this and she promised that she will put more effort into that after which Peter gave her a rose”.

While in the latest date of Peter and Hannah revealed that things are not looking good. As the former ask about her past relationships where she said “I was in a relationship but it was nothing like this” then Peter said, “Are you sure about us that it could go somewhere ?” To that, she added “I am feeling special and this is something I strive for a long time back” which the male didn’t seem to be happy and leaves the table.