Percy Jackson and the Olympians: Lin Manuel joins The Disney’s Ambitious Series as the Greek God

Lin Manuel Mirana joins Percy Jackson and the Olympians

On 8 November, Tuesday, Percy Jackson and the Olympians posted some pictures of Lin Manuel Mirana on their social media pages. the actor was posing holding a chair with name of networks on it, “a message from the messenger god himself” @linmanuel is Hermes in #percyjackson and Olympian.

Lin  manuel
Credit; @percyseries Instagram

The author of Percy Jackson also welcomed Lin for joining the series through his Instagram account. “Welcome our new immortal in Olympian pantheon- God of messengers, travelers, gamblers, merchants, thieves and all the other people who make their living on roads the one and only Hermes”, @linmanuel said Rick Riordan.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians 

Percy Jackson and the Olympians is a series of novels by Rick Riordan, the story of novels is set in a world of Greek Gods in 21st century. There are five novels, Disney + will create a television series on the novel.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Story follows a teenager boy discovers that he is the descendant of a Greek god, who later starts his adventurous journey and battle with the Greek gods. he is the main character of the story.

There were movies on Percy Jackson, released in 2010 and 2013 which resulted as a disappointment, after two movies third film didn’t happen as the actors were getting old by the minute.

Disney + creating Percy Jackson and Olympian series

Previously the author of Percy Jackson and Olympian promised the fans that they will be able to watch their favorite novel in a series. this time author Rick Riordan will be one the leaders of series, he will write the plot.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Credit: @percyseries Instagram

lately in September the network shared teaser of series. and the fans have to wait till 2024. The cast of the series includes Walker Scobell, Jason gray -Stanford Leah Jeffries, Aryan Simhadri, and Glynn Turman.