Peaky Blinders Season 6 Ending Changes Explained By Showrunner

Series creator Steven Knight explains his original plan with the show

The sixth and final season of BBC’s hit series Peaky Blinders has aired. The series kicked off in 2013, and follows the notorious Shelby crime family. Cillian Murphy plays the family lead Thomas Shelby, and throughout the seasons, we see Tommy’s rise to power and the challenges in his path.

Season 6 of Peaky Blinders premiered in February, and will arrive on Netflix this June. While the season is indeed the show’s final, there are talks of a movie that will arrive in 2023.

Knight on the Ending of Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

In an interview with Empire, Knight spoke about the change in plans. Knight had originally planned to end the series prior to the start of World War II. However, he is now going to push the story beyond that, saying there is energy for more.

He said that Britain was always between the wars. How the first war happened, nobody learnt their lessons, and the second one followed. Once the second war ended, there is no empire left. But he decided to go beyond that, and he wants to see how far the story will go on.

How the Show Handled Helen McCrory’s Absence

Peaky Blinders

The series faced a major challenge after the tragic death of Helen McCrory. Helen played the Shelby family’s matriarch Polly Gray, and passed while season 6 was being filmed. Knight and the rest of the team was faced with a major challenge due to this.

But the fans and critics have praised the show for addressing the topic sensitively. This also raises the question that if the show can smoothly handle a creative challenge like this, it can go beyond its original plans.