‘PATSY AND LORETTA” is going to be a musical delight!! Megan Hilty and Jessie Mueller are all excited for the same!! Checkout for release date, plot and other details!

Megan Hilty and Jessie Mueller are all ready to play the role of two great American singers, Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn, in lifetime’s movie, which is going to be premiere on the upcoming Sunday dated October,19.

The movie focusses on the life of two singers and their path to stardom. The Broadway veterans — Hilty was nominated for a Tony for her work in Noises Off and Mueller nabbed one for her portrayal of Carole King in Beautiful — had both been fans of the women but some pretty high profile projects had already attempted to capture the country star’s separate lives.

Patsy & Loretta Plot:

The movie also highlights the friendship between the two. The unbreakable bond of the two countryside singers marked a fatal end in 1963, by the sorrowful death of patsy in an airplane crash.

Though Mueller committed in one of her interviews that portraying Lynn wasn’t that easy as the roles were already have been played in the movie starring Sissy Spacek as Loretta for which she got an Oscar nomination too. The role was quite challenging to Mueller as she considered that these females(patsy and Loretta) couldn’t be copied as nobody could be like them, though she claims that both of them(Meghan and Jessie) tried to maintain the authenticity so that the movie could fetch some good appreciation from the audience.

The story remarks about the strong bonding between the two women who decide to grow together. One more thing that makes the story quite interesting is the time where it had been taken place. The story dates back to the time where people still had the mentality that women belonged to home and kitchen, at that time Lynn decided to step out and make her o name in the society of male dominance. With patsy, on the other hand, showcased that a soul has no boundation, and a lady can have babies and hit records in one life.

On filming at the revered Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.

The stage of the auditorium was as important to Hilty and Mueller as it was to Lynn and Cline, Hilty expressed herself that how delightful she was while performing that she told Mueller every 5 minutes that both were highly obliged to sing as Patsy and Loretta on the stage of “mother church.”

Both of them also mentioned how important it was for people to know about this bonding of two great countryside musicians and singers, as one cannot create art without people, can’t acknowledge genius without people, can’t foster good things without people and love.