IF you have ever dremt of living in a Barbie house, here Barbie’s dream house has comes alive! Checkout for more details!

Well, we all have seen, heard of Barbie dollhouse, millions of kids like to play with it too, but have you even though of this idea of staying in the Barbie dollhouse in reality! , well you will be surprised to know this that Airbnb has come up with an expressive idea to personify Barbie’s dream house in the city of bewitching beaches, Malibu. This unrivaled stunt is introduced by Airbnb.

The reason behind the idea

The American company, Mattel, Inc, which manufactures Barbie was witnessing a downswing in its sale and the business was not achieving the targets as it was supposed to achieve, the reason for the decline is said to be the fact that it is believed these beautiful plastic dolls build low self-esteem in children because of their gorgeous appearance and flawless body, many parents also feel that buying barbie dolls is not as good idea as buying much more productive toy for their kids that can boost intelligence or smartness in them like puzzle games.

Attractive & Splendid Interior

But this quirky idea executed by Airbnb looks very engaging and peculiar as this dream house will make you feel amazing because it has superb interior, i.e., decoration with marvy furniture, rooms that are colored in pink color, the beguiling house includes two four rooms ( two bedrooms and two bathrooms), private cinema, co-curricular activity room, pool, meditation room.

All the barbie fans are eagerly anticipating to stay in the dream house, it will open its door for all the barbie lovers from 27th October to 29th October, and the amount for a night is 60$, bookings will kick off at 11 am on 23rd October. Also, the brand of the barbie will celebrate its 60th anniversary; guests will also be given a chance to meet and greet fencing aficionado Ibtihaj Muhammad, celebrity hairstylist Jen Atkin, chef Gina Clarke-helm and pilot Jill Meyers. Airbnb is a digital market hub for facilitating stays in lodging; it is San Francisco, United States-based enterprise.

So, all the barbie enthusiasts pack your bags with your loved ones and dive in the splash of pink-colored, majestic barbie world.