Pachinko: The Novel Based Drama Drops Its First Teaser

Apple TV+ Releases Trailer For Pachinko

The New York Times Bestselling novel Pachinko written by Min Jin Lee is getting adapted into a drama series to arrive soon this summer. While Apple TV+ has already released its teaser for the drama, the teaser evidently looks appealing. Certainly, viewers are keen to have the drama soon to watch and yes it’s arriving really soon.

Here we’ve all the updates on Pachinko drama series with all its details.

Pachinko drama series gets its Trailer

Apple TV+

Apple TV+ has given out the teaser for the upcoming drama and it looks amazing. The upcoming drama based on the novel would be throwing lights on the life of a immigrant family in Korea. Love, peace, war and many other emotions would be coming up with the drama this time.

While Pachinko will be featuring four generation of the immigrant family with their struggles, the cast of the drama looks amazing too. Youn Yuh-Jung would be playing the lead role as Sunja in the drama. Sunja’s character would be a key character in the drama who would be seen struggling making her way through her poverty. Moreover, you will also find Minha Kim alongside Jung. To have a glimpse of the upcoming Korean drama you can watch the teaser of it below.

The Korean love saga to be produced in three languages

Korean drama
Apple TV+

The Korean love saga would be making its premiere on 25th March this year. Moreover, on the premiere, the drama would release three episodes after which every Friday will have a new episode for the drama. Not to forget, the drama is suppose to have eight episode in total.

Also, the novel based drama is known to be produced in three languages Korean, Japanese and English. Certainly, the drama would be showing a unique story this summer after it premieres in March this year.