Overlord: The Magnificent Show is Returning in its Full Glory with Season 4

The ever popular Overlord is returning with its fourth season we might get to see it this year

After almost a year and a half, we get to see Overlord return in all its glory with its fourth season.

The anime has been inspired by a light novel series of the same name, written by Kugane Maruyama. It started airing in 2015 and quickly gained popularity and a huge fan base.

We get some Ready Player One vibes from this, as the story is set in a future where the world is fully consumed by virtual online gaming. The anime is set in 2138 and is about a gamer who gets sucked into the virtual world, where he becomes an insanely powerful wizard named Momonga or Ainz. But he doesn’t turn out to be the regular protagonist, who is all about justice and doing the right thing. Momonga chooses to rule in the strictest possible way and killed anyone who stood against him. This was something that drew fans to it.

What’s to come?

Source: Pop Culture Times


Let’s fast forward to season 3. In this, Ainz briefly gains power over E-Rantel after he kills Gazeff. Gazeff stood no chance since Ainz is so overpowered. Long story short, Ainz grows even more powerful and becomes an even bigger tyrant. But the finale didn’t please all the fans so they are expecting a lot from season four.

Plot for season four will see Ainz continuing to be the villain and will be featuring the Great Tomb and Capital Wonder that had been featured in the previous seasons. It will be covering a major part of the manga, so expect more episodes.

As for the release date, it was expected to come out in Spring 2020 but due to the ongoing pandemic, that might get pushed to January 2021.