Outlander : Trailer for Season 6 Featuring Starz is Out! Don’t Miss it

 A war waiting for Claire and Jamie

The sixth season of Outlander consists of eight-episode. Its first look is given by Starz and it will be based on the sixth novel in the series. Moreover, along with the trailer, the makers have also unveiled the first look of the show. The real author of the novel is Diana Gabaldon and her novel name is “A Breath of Snow and Ashes” from which makers are taking references.

Moreover, the new trailer features many favourite characters from the novel which include Jamie, Claire Fraser, Brianna, Roger Mackenzie, Ian, and Malva Christie. 

It is shown in the novel that Claire and Jamie live in North Carolina on their farm. They both will be the main focus of season six of Outlander. Thus the main plot of the show will be how both of them will save their house from an inescapable revolutionary war. 

Outlander season 6 Trailer comes with a complex phase for Claire and Jamie

Claire and Jamie have to build a house together at a farm. It signals the creation of the new American Nation. Anyhow they have to safeguard their home build buy Crown. Moreover, the only enemy is not the outside forces but also disharmony inside the community. The only reason why they have to keep their home safe is that it is the groundwork for the rest of their lives. 

Expectations from Outlander season 7

The drama is sure to be move around on Diana Gabaldon’s 7th book. Moreover, it is already been renewed. Additionally, the 7th season will be having 16 episodes because makers have to cover the short run of season 6. However, previously it was ordered for 12 episodes only.