Outlander season five episode two review, lot of blood, guts and glory. What to expect next? Read to know all details.

The Outlander episodes are filled with a lot of blood and gore from cutting off limbs to organs. Episode five is no different.

Clarie is a very strong and modern woman. She always does her best to help someone in trouble. But she will use her old 20th century techniques that may cause problems. But she can do nothing about it. Still how did Bree started to respect it? We saw that she knows who her mother is and yet she buried a box of rock after pulling Geillis.

Well a lot of people used to steal dead bodies from graveyards to study and Clarie was in need a body to teach her pupil. We also saw Clarie making hundreds of bread loaves from that expensive and precious flour. This one just defies logic as it is not possible to make so much bread without a commercial oven. On top of that they aren’t wealthy.

Roger is going through a hard phase. He is not able keep his family safe, his wife was raped. He has no skills to provide for his family. He has known Clarie for some time and he cares for her. He gets a new perspective after seeing Clarie’s sketch of Bonnet. Now it doesn’t come as a surprise seeing Roger leave. It’s too much for him. We see Clarie asking Roger about his father. His father was a RAF pilot that was shot down during the war. He lost his father at a very young age and was raised by a peaceloving man. Roger adopted those qualities. That’s why we could see that he was unable to even harm a squirrel.

At the end Bonnet is back. He’s a psychopath that will kill anyone that crosses his path.

Let’s wait and see what happens next.