Outch!! Kendall Jenner didn’t want to face Brad Pitt! She confesses that she left out early because Brad Pitt showed up and she has a huge crush on him!

The American model Kendall Jenner confesses that she purposefully left earlier because she saw Brad Pitt. Kendall Jenner was at Kanye West’s Sunday Service held on September 1 where coincidently Brad Pitt showed up. On seeing her movie idol, Kendall panicked and couldn’t collect the courage to meet him, so she left out early.

Kendall Jenner’s feelings for Brad Pitt:

Kendall Jenner was a guest at The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on September 5. She revealed that she loves Brad Pitt and also has a huge crush on him. She also admitted that she left early because she saw him. She said that she had the chance to meet her idol, but she was so nervous that she couldn’t handle the excitement. The social media star said that it was better to leave from there in that situation. Kendall praised Brad Pitt for his acting in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.’ She said that he is getting better with age. The ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ star also said that Brad Pitt should date Rihanna as they both look gorgeous together.

More on Brad Pitt and Kendall Jenner:

Brad Pitt divorced Angelina Jolie earlier this year. His recently released film with Leonardo Di Caprio was a huge success and appreciated by their fans worldwide. It is always a great feeling to meet your idol or meet someone you admire the most. Kendall Jenner will get many opportunities to meet the iconic star in the future if she doesn’t repeat the same act.