O’Neill and Shauine getting back together are are on a path of finding love..

It is announced that Shaquille O’Neill is going to get back into a relationship with ex-wife Shaunie.

According to sources, Shaquille and Shaunie are soon going to get back together and will resolve their differences as soon as possible. After their split, Shaquille O’Neill and Shaunie tried their very best to maintain their friendship and tried to resolve each other’s co-parenting relationship problems.

Image: KMazur, WireImage

Shaquille and Shaunie have done their best to keep their children away from their disputes. As neither Shaquille nor Shaunie wanted their children to be affected emotionally or in any other way. Since Shaquille and Shaunie really care for their dearest kids, they both are pitting their efforts to get the other back to them. Shaquille and Shaunie are now currently busy trying to get back to each other. Shaquille and Shaunie must have realized that they love each too much to let go.

They know that they will fight again and might even hate each other. But as we all know it, we can’t stay angry on our beloved ones for too long. So, all the hate and anger are just going to stay temporarily. Shaquille and Shaunie really seem that they are trying their best to become a couple again. Shaquille and Shaunie have not been together in the past 10 years.

Though it was a very long time, Shaunie and Shaquille have realized their responsibilities and love they share. Shaunie and Shaquille both admitted that they had shared their responsibilities well, but when it came to love, they have been too bad at it.

In the past 10 years, their love went down and had become so weak that it is nearly impossible for Shaquille and Shaunie to get back together. Since Shaquille and Shaunie are trying to get back together, they are both trying out new tricks for the other to fall in love with them.