‘One Punch Man season 3’: Release date, cast, plot and latest updates you should know.

One Punch Man, the show has gained popularity among both Japanese and western audiences. Two seasons of the show has already been aired.


No official announcement about season-3 has yet been announced. Because of its popularity, there is a high probability of season-3. The first anti-hero, Garou, was introduced in season-2, along with supporting characters such as Bang, Fubuki, and king.



In the official Twitter account of One Punch Man, it was posted in Japanese, that there were plans for a third season. The release date has not yet been announced. The first two shows had a gap of four years. Season -2 was delayed due to some technical issues. Anyway, season -3 can be expected in the latter half of 2020 or maybe by 2021.

The animation legend, Shingo Natsume, directed the first season of the show, and it was a big success. But the second season was not up to the mark. Everybody is expecting that Natsume and the old team will again come back to direct the third season.


One-Punch Man tells us the story of a superhero, Saitama. He can overcome any enemy with just a punch, but he is in search of a worthy competitor.

 Saitama is an exceptional hero in the world of aliens, but he feels that his life is empty. He feels that his hero’s life is pointless and that he gets no respect from anyone. He has lost his hair due to intense training. It seems that Tatsumaki is the culprit in the third season. Tatsumaki had been drunk. Saitama was wondering why Tatsumaki has stabbed Zombieman. Genos understands that it was Saitama’s fault. In the last season, we could see cyborg’s sad conditions.  Let us expect a marvelous third season!