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OMG!!! Ariana Grande’s doppelganger is on TikTok and she’s just 15. Read on to know how the singer actually responded to her!

It is so weirdly exciting to see your doppelganger, isn’t it? Imagine how the celebrities would feel if they saw someone who looked exactly similar to them. Recently everyone saw a TikToker and the video went totally viral. This girl, whose name is Paige Niemann, looks very much similar to Ariana Grande. This 15-year-old is doing home-schooling in California. She looks so similar to Ariana that the internet world is totally creeped out. The video became so viral that even the popstar herself noticed her doppelganger.

Apparently Paige does not feel uncomfortable with the amount of attention she receives. Apparently all her life, strangers told her she looked like Ariana Grande. Gradually she started imitating Ariana’s looks and outfits and mannerisms to upload videos on TikTok. Now, this girl has a million followers on the site. In fact, this week Ariana Grande herself responded to one of Paige’s videos by tweeting about it. In the video, Paige dressed up as a 2019 version of Ariana, complete with her signature high pony. She mouthed to the dialogues of Nickelodeon’s Victorious.

Obviously, it surprised Paige to receive attention from Ariana. Because she is also a fan and people saw her room decorated with posters of the superstar. Paige said she was shocked that Ariana noticed her. And she didn’t know if Ariana thought it was bizarre to see the character Cat and her onstage persona together. Paige’s hair color, hairstyle, makeup, eyebrow shape, everything is similar to Ariana’s. And Paige worked on it for 12 years. She started making TikTok videos dressed up as Ariana when she was 12 years old. Paige follows makeup tutorials and it takes her about an hour to create her Ariana Grande look.

After this much attention, Paige now has a manager Dyllan Murray who is helping her build a career in singing and acting. Paige said she loves singing and has been doing it since she was little. She is really into 50’s music.

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