Oktoberfest is back!: Third annual Oktoberfest celebration all set for Galleria at Sunset.


The third annual Oktoberfest celebration will be returning to Galleria at Sunset on Saturday, September 28, 2019. The celebration of the Bavarian Tradition will go on from 3 to 9 pm. The fest will have more than 15 German and local beers, polka dancing, live Bavarian music, competitions and much more. There are performances by The Ginger Snaps and The Munich Boys. There is a Lederhosen costume contestbeer stein race where participants will race with steins full of beer and the contestants who spill the least amount of beer will be the winners. There is also a beer tasting contest where the contestants will be tested on their ability to taste and identify six different German beers and be tested on their beer knowledge. The Oktoberfest will also be hosting their Stein Hoisting Competition which is a traditional Bavarian strength contest in which the competitors have to hold a full one-liter beer stein in front of their bodies with there arms straight in front and parallel to the ground. The person who can hoist the stein till the end will be the winner. The tickets have two variants this year to choose in between. There is a $50 per person ticket which will allow the visitor to an ‘all you can drink,’ one food item and being able to enter competitions. The other and cheaper option is the $25 per person ticket, which will allow the visitor to three beers, one food item and entry to contests. The visitors can buy more food such as brats, pretzels, and beer from the numerous stalls available in the fest. The visitors will have to be 21 and above to enjoy beer stein and be eligible to participate in some of the contests. It is free for kids to enter the fest but must always be accompanied by a parent.



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