No cell phones allowed in Madonna’s ‘Madame X’ tour

Our favorite pop star, Madonna has come up with another trend that might go on dictating the concert business. The popstar is banning smart devices mobile phones, cameras and smartwatches in her upcoming Madame X tour. So, if you too were planning to attend the power-packed concert, do not forget to leave your devices at home.

This November between 12th to 25th, Madonna will be playing eleven shows in Mini-Residency of Wiltern Theatre at Los Angeles. Those attending the concert will have to leave their cell phones and other smart gadgets in secure pouches before entering the performance space at the concert.

No cell phones allowed in Madonna's 'Madame X' tour 5

The phone ban news was soon all over social media as fans who had already bought tickets to the concert began posting the message they had received from their Ticketmaster.

The message read that the event will be a phone-free experience. The use of cell phones, smartwatches, smart accessories, cameras or recording devices will not be permitted in the performance space. No cell phones allowed in Madonna's 'Madame X' tour 6

Well, if you have a mobile ticket then we would advise you to remember your seat number. For you will not be able to access the ticket after it is scanned. People who require to use their cell phones to make an urgent call or send an important message, they will be allowed to use their phones in the designated “Phone Users Area”. But they will have to return their phone in the Yondr cases before returning to their seats in performance space.

The tickets to the concert are on sale, so, hurry up!