Natalie Portman is the mighty Thor in upcoming sequel of the franchise. Check out for more details..!!

Natalie Portman is an actress and filmmaker. She has won several awards including Academy Award and two Golden Globe Awards. Portman made her feature film debut as the young protegee of a hitman in an action film. She was in high school when she gained international recognition.

She has attended Harvard University for a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She continued acting as well. Her career progressed with her roles as in Evey Hammond in V for Vendetta. Portman is an advocate for animal rights and became a vegetarian at the age of eight.

Marvel Director, discussed juggling multiple Gods of Thunder in the upcoming film, Thor: Love and Thunder. He also discussed Natalie Portman’s new part in the franchise. The Oscar-winning actress ( portman ) would be the Thor. Well, we got to know a few things about Comic-con this year. There would be two Thors. Original Thor’s role will be played by Chris Hemsworth.
Taiki Waititi said that she is not the female Thor rather she is the mighty Thor. She was very excited about starting this. According to sources, Portman would play a central role in the Love and Thunder. Jane Foster would be the newest hammer-wielding superhero in the movie.
Waititi also discussed the role he would be playing. Unlike in the movies, Marvel comics have played with the idea of multiple beings being able to wield Thor’s hammer. This is an indication that those characters (who picked the hammer) are worthy enough.
According to viewers, everything is normal and makes sense. When there is a female, she is a mighty thor. Viewers are very excited to see the full plot. The new movie would surely be a roller coaster ride.