Motivation Under Study: How To Turn It On?

We understand that part of the problem when we feel unmotivated and don’t want to study can arise from our feelings at that moment. Surely, we cannot turn them on and off on command, if they are there they are!

The point, therefore, is to learn some methods that help us rekindle the spark of motivation just enough to start studying, then the rest will come by itself.

Focus On One Piece At A Time

It is obvious that the thought of facing large books full of pages and piles of notes does not smile on anyone. Let alone then if you are basically unmotivated. But if you focus on how much stuff you have to study and how much work there is to do to pass the exam you will NEVER want to start and, in fact, you will probably end up in a panic.

So don’t think about it! The trick is to tackle the challenge one bit at a time. Don’t focus on the bulk of the book, but on one chapter at a time. Divide the final goal into many small intermediate stages that can be reached, and you will see that everything will seem much more feasible.

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The Important Thing Is To Start

When you are unmotivated and you would like to do anything but study, make a little effort of trying to study. Even if you don’t feel like setting yourself the micro goal of studying for 10 minutes.

Two things can happen:

  • The first is that a bad day is reconfirmed in which there is no way of being able to study and let it go.
  • The second (and more frequent) is that having started studying makes you want to continue doing it!

It may sound silly, but sometimes we give up on getting to work on principle, laziness, or because we are serial procrastinators. But the truth is that many times, a small step can trigger a positive reaction. You start for 10 minutes, you realize that you are not so unfocused and that you can go on and, little by little, you find yourself in a real study session!

After You Start, Always Try To Finish!

This advice is closely related to the previous one. Once you have started studying, make an effort not to leave the work halfway through and try to get it done.

That chapter that you started in your first 10 minutes of study, committed to doing it all, after all, it is only one, I am not saying to do 4 or 5! It may bother you at first, but when you get to the end, the thought of having completed a business will make you feel super productive. And even in this case, there are two possibilities:

  • In the first case you will continue not to want to study and maybe you will close the book, but knowing that you have studied at least one chapter will give you some energy for the next day;
  • In the second case, the fact that you have finished one chapter will encourage you to start the next and do that too!

Because the truth is that the desire to do something increases exponentially as you do it.

Remember Why You Are Doing This

When we lose motivation, we have to try to go “back to basics” and remember why we chose to study that very thing. We keep in mind everything that fascinated and interested us, all the things we wanted to learn and know.

Help rekindle your desire for knowledge by thinking about all the things you can still learn! But if you don’t get to work you won’t learn a thing, so hurry up!

This is simple reverse psychology: thinking about the fact that not studying can create problems for you, leads you to study.

Lean On Others And Ask For A Hand

When your motivation is not enough, lean on that of others! If your motivation is under your shoes, you can always go and look for a hand among your colleagues and let yourself be spurred on. We tend to absorb the positive influences of others, so spending time with someone more motivated than us can give us a boost! This is one of the many positives of networking with the right colleagues and creating a study group!