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Money Heist Star Miguel Herrán aka Rio Made a Shocking Revelation about the Final Season! P.S: Someone Might Die In The Fifth Season.

While the most notorious heist is finally coming to an end with the fifth and final chapter in Netflix’s popular Spanish series Money Heist, one of the cast members might have teased a big twist that fans can expect in the upcoming season.

Miguel Herrán Might Have Made A Big Revelation ABout His Character In Money Heist!

Miguel Herrán who plays the role of Rio in the popular Netflix series has recently uploaded an Instagram post that might have teased a major revelation for his character ahead. This is the post that has created buzzing suspense amongst fans!

The picture comes with a caption written in Spanish that says, it’s better than dying! This is making fans speculate that like some unexpected twists that we have witnessed earlier, the fifth season might shock fans with Rio’s death! As Instagram post shows the character in his costume and at the sets, it seems like Rio might not survive will the end of the final season!

Is Rio Going To Die In The Fifth And Final Chapter Of The Series?

While the show has earlier killed off some of the popular characters including Nairobi, Rio’s death can be anticipated as well. However, the actor has earlier penned down cryptic captions on his social media with no such other implications whatsoever!

Moreover, while the show makers have often shocked fans with unexpected twists and turns, Rio’s death will emerge as a surprising twist for fan as they haven’t yet recovered from Nairobi’s tragic death yet! Although anything is possible as it is a heist after all and everyone is in danger, including the mastermind himself! So, anything can happen in the final chapter. 

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