Model and Actress Kelly Brook Bared her Heart as She talked about Weight Issues, Body Size and More

A model has recently opened up about body positivity issues, and how our weight is just another number. What is this all about? Well, here’s everything about this recent revelation.

Kelly Brook Recently Opened Up About Her Weight And More!

Actress and model Kelly Brook talked about the whole weight issues and the stigmas that society associates with it at times. She confessed how she is much happier and comfortable with being a size 10/12. She is much more comfortable with this than being a size 8.

Brook recalled how miserable she was even when she was a perfect size 8, Brooke lost her father during that time and she doesn’t want to be in that place ever again. She further reminded fans that it is important to be stylish and most importantly comfortable than trying to look younger.

The Model Talks About Being Comfortable And Stylish

Moreover, Kelly talks about how it is about looking at the best version of yourself. She says that she doesn’t want to look twenty but a good 40! It is all about looking comfortable in your own skin. The model talks about how she doesn’t mind even if she is a size 10 or 12 as that’s who she is and she is completely in love with herself. Well, we love how more and more celebrities are coming and talking about these issues that’s has been stereotyped for so long in the industry.

Several models have recently opened up about the whole stigma of weight issues and how problematic it is. Kelly Brook is all about various life altering ideas, incidents and more. She is always encouraging fans with her podcasts and her social media is all about it.