Mocking is not new to animation world! Netflix “BIG MOUTH” Season 3 is Mocking 13 REASON WHY!! Deeds inside!!

Netflix’s other original BIG MOUTH continues with controversial references to Netflix’s other series and scenes. And this time too, it didn’t fail to do that once again.

The series spins a web of scenes regarding teenage romance, sexuality, and moral behavior. In its third season, episode 5, “How to have an orgasm,” the characters are found to make an indirect reference to the suicide scene of 13 reasons why series.

The episode goes like Maury convincing Andrew to send a nude pic to his cousin, Cherry, after making out with her.  Andrew unknowingly uploads the photos to the cloud.

Unfortunately, the cloud is shared with his parents, who take away his laptop and cellphone after learning he intended to send the pics to his cousin. Andrew then writes a (very dramatic) letter to Cherry, and Maury presents him with a dagger, as he thought the letter was a suicide note. Andrew tells him he doesn’t want to kill himself, where later Maury makes a Netflix reference( none other than to the show 13 reasons why); that no teenager should end themselves even when they are captivated to do so. (referring to Hannah Baker suicide scene here)

Even though the intense suicide scene has been removed from the Netflix original (13 reasons why) after too much controversy. The impact still can’t be forgotten.