Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris have no interest in spending time behind bars: Drops Collaboration “Way Too Pretty for Prison” Comments Off.


Miranda Lambert and Maren Morris Drop New Song ‘Way Too Pretty for Prison’.
In the wake of prodding their new collab for quite a long time, the down-home music geniuses dropped their original melody, “Way to Pretty for Prison,” and it is a fun, comic take on needing to seek retribution on an awful, cheating man – and why they will not proceed with it.

“He cheated, he is a villain/ And you know I would help you kill him/, But we are way too pretty for prison/ Hard time ain’t our kind of living,” the song explains, before detailing the harrowing existence that is life in the big house.
“They don’t have rhinestone ball and chains/ Lunch trays don’t come with Chardonnay/ The bars there ain’t got boys to buy us drinks,” the song opens, before later reflecting, “Well, the state won’t pay for lash extensions/ No Sun Tan City, not to mention/ that lack of waxing situation.”

Notwithstanding, it is reasonable Lambert, and Morris put a ton of idea into how they would carry out the wrongdoing if so slanted: “Radiator fluid and Gatorade/Arsenic in his lemonade/Takes only one cut to drain his brakes/But we ain’t going to do it.”
Hours before releasing the tune, Lambert took to Instagram to share a highly contrasting preview of her and Morris, grinning together in the group of spectators at an honors day off.

Media got up to speed with Morris on celebrity lane at the 2019 ACM Awards, where she opened up about taking off with Lambert this year and prodded the likelihood of cooperating on a tune.

They said that they are going on tour together later this fall, so maybe they will write a song together when they are out. She mentions that both of them are such great friends. Moreover, to be able to support each other on the road this year, it is going to be fun for them.


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