Miley Cyrus is Still Building her Net Work Steadily and Continues to Climb the Ladder of Success

She has currently carved a spot for herself in the music industry, but here’s the real reason why she is where she is 

Miley Cyrus has been showbiz her whole life, thanks to her father, singer-songwriter Billy Ray Cyrus and her mother, actress-producer Tish Cyrus. But she got her first big break when she played the title character in Disney’s Hannah Montana, which was about a teen who led a double life, and people got to learn about her singing talents back then.

After leaving her Disney days behind, she went on to act in movies and started a career in music, which all led to her rising net worth. And now, she is worth more than her famous father. Read on:

Source: Instagram/@mileycyrus
Her Journey

While Hannah Montana made her a household name, Miley had already dabbled in a few other roles before and had started receiving paychecks. In 2001, she played the role of Kylie in her dad’s TV show, Doc. Then in 2003, she played the part of Young Ruthie in the film Big Fish. 

She started acting in Hannah Montana at the age of 11. She nearly lost out on the role as the producers thought she was too young to play the part, but she bowled them over with her dancing and singing skills.

Hannah Montana ran for four seasons, and even though it stopped afterward, in 2011, it had become a brand of its own. This helped Miley in becoming a teen idol, and soon she released many albums of songs from the show, participated in many tours, and even sold the show’s merch. While the show was airing, some reports have stated that Miley earned $15,000 per episode.

So what’s her current net worth? As per Celebrity Net Worth, Miley Cyrus is worth a total of $160 million. Not a bad achievement at all.